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SPIFR Flight Training is no longer providing flight training.  
Andrew Ike, founder and primary CFI is now teaching the Hawker 400XP in the corporate world.  Thank you for all the wonderful customers who trained with us over the past 7 years.  Past customers can still call or email Andrew directly (419 283 1552).  Limited refreshers may be available for graduates of SPIFR.
For IFR training, we recommend GATTS in Manhattan, KS.  Andrew worked with GATTS during 1999-2000.  Call Jason or Dale Wolcott for more information 888-778-6676.

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Instrument Flight Training

Two IFR Graduates flying Mooney BravoWelcome to SPIFR Flight Training.  We provide accelerated IFR flight training for the everyday Private pilot.  Our courses make IFR flying enjoyable, safe, and even easy. Our complete instrument rating course lasts just 7 to 10 days.  We also provide extensive instrument refresher training.  You may train using your own personal airplane or in our 2002 Cessna 172.

Top Four Reasons to get your Instrument Rating with us:

1. We teach an organized system of IFR flying.  We simplify Instrument flying into basic concepts that the average pilot can master quickly.  You won't just earn the instrument rating, you will actually gain the confidence necessary to use your instrument flying skills in the real world.

2.  We specialize in instrument flight training.  We only offer the Instrument Rating and IFR Refresher courses.  Your SPIFR flight instructor is a full time IFR expert who trains up to 25 IFR students each year.  

3.  We dedicate one instrument flight instructor completely to you.  You will work exclusively with one professional instrument flight instructor until you complete the IFR course and pass your instrument checkride.

4.  Our work has a fixed price guarantee There are no additional fees for training beyond 7-10 days. If you need longer to complete the training there are no extra charges (airplane time not included).  We'll even price match any nationally advertised certified flight school that offers initial IFR training at a lower price (click for details).

You have nothing to lose when you train with SPIFR and so much to gain.  So check your schedule and give us a call.  Once the dates are set, we'll take care of the rest!

For questions call Toll Free (866) 732-9437 or email

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